Software AG Develops Tamino using Linux on zSeries by
Compiling with Systems/C from DIGNUS

Software AG, headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, is Europe's largest provider of system
software, offering leading-edge technology for data management and electronic business.
Software AG's products control the central IT processes of thousands of renowned companies
worldwide, including Federal Express, Citibank, MCI Worldcom, Shell Oil and Delta Airlines.

Time to Modernize
Software Development

Several years ago,
Software AG saw that its
software development
environment was not meeting
its needs.

"We found ourselves with
many development source
environments and the task of
delivering products on
different platforms"
commented Dick Waite,
Senior R&D Consultant for
Software AG.

The software group at
Software AG learned about
Dignus and is now using the
Dignus Systems/C compiler
and Systems/ASM
to create the
release of its native XML
database, Tamino, as well as
other products, for z/OS,
OS/390 and other mainframe


Systems/C allows
developers to program in C
and create products for z/OS,
OS/390, Linux on zSeries
and other mainframe
environments. Using C
provides Software AG the
flexibilty to address its multi-
platform development
requirements. Systems/C
and Systems/ASM generate
objects which link in the
various Software AG run-
time environments,
providing a one-object,
many-environment model.
As well as the standard
mainframe object, Systems/C
offers a Linux compatibility
mode where Systems/C can
generate Linux/390 objects.

Compiler Features

Systems/C has several
features, including the ability
to create commented
assembler source, direct in-
line assembler source and
other useful programming
features that enhance the
Software AG development

Furthermore, Systems/C and
Systems/ASM are both
available on Linux for
zSeries, allowing Linux to be
used for Software AG's
mainframe development.

Write Once, Run

"Software AG develops on
Linux/390 with the same
source using the Dignus
environment to produce
programs that run on z/OS,
BS2000 with a simple re-link.
Dignus' products allow us to
tailor our object source to the
platform, resulting in quick
portability from one source to
many platforms
", said Waite.

And What's Tamino?

The Tamino XML Server
does the most efficient
storage, maintenance,
publishing and exchange of
XML documents.

Software AG and IBM have
executed a Customer
Solutions Agreement
whereby IBM will add
Software AG's e-business
product line to its portfolio
and resell the software and

IBM Global Services is
focused on providing the best
solution for the customer and
recognizes the value of the
Tamino XML Database.
Software AG will have its
Tamino XML Database
installed in IBM's Innovations
Centers around the world for
Customer Demonstrations.


The advantages of combining
Tamino XML Server and
WebSphere are illustrated
using a common e-business
example - web-enabling
legacy systems so that users
retrieve and add new data via
the web. For these kinds of
Tamino/WebSphere offers
benefits in three major areas:
web publishing, rich content,
and transaction integrity.

Users are looking for much
more content than just what
is available from existing
databases. Because the data
stored in Tamino is in XML,
users can get the relevant
data they are looking for.
Rich XML content also
makes it easy to publish data
to different businesses,
using XML documents as a
means of ensuring
transaction integrity.

The Tamino XML Server
keeps every XML
transaction document in its
native form so there is a
source document of record in
cases of dispute. The
Tamino XML Server can
provide WebSphere-based
applications with rapid
access to XML data.

Electronic business requires
flexibility and fast reactions,
particularly when data is
being exchanged. Thanks to
Tamino's ability to process
data in XML format without
having to convert it first,
speed is a guaranteed benefit.

Mr. Waite sums up their use
of Dignus' products and
reports; "Dignus has proven
their Systems/C and
Systems/ASM software and
exceptional customer service
by tailoring their products to
our environment. We believe
that by utilizing Dignus we
have lowered our cost of
product development while at
the same time improving our
time to market.

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