Systems/ASM is Dignus' HLASM R6 compatible assembler product for the IBM mainframe. Systems/ASM assembler software allows users to develop mainframe applications, in IBM assembler language, on a mainframe, or on UNIX and Windows workstations. Systems/ASM generates object code for all IBM zSeries operating systems, including Linux for S/390 and zSeries, z/OS, OS/390, VSE, z/VSE, VM, z/VM, TPF and z/TPF.

Systems/ASM can be used to create Linux/390 and z/Linux programs from traditional ASM source, allowing for an easier transition to Linux on the mainframe. Systems/ASM can assemble existing code as unchanged as possible (no new instructions or psuedo-ops to use) and also has complete support for debugging with the native Linux tools.

Systems/ASM Version 1.90 is available now!

Version 1.90 has many new features, including improved HLASM compatibiltiy, faster assembly times, improved listings, and smaller memory footprint.

Version 1.90 also provides a new HTML listing format, for viewing listings in a web browser, including links between the source and cross-reference sections of the listing.

To learn more about the recent enhancements in Systems/ASM Version 1.90, read the "whatsnew" file.

Systems/ASM is available as a native assembler for CMS, OS/390, z/OS and USS, or as a cross-assembler hosted on Windows, Mac OS/X, Max OS/X x86, AIX, Solaris, Solaris/x86, HPUX, FreeBSD, Linux, Linux/390 and z/Linux.

The Systems/ASM documentation is now available as an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. And, you can request a 30-day trial of Systems/ASM to examine yourself, applying it to your development efforts today!

Systems/ASM can be applied to many development tasks:

Did you ever just want to check your assembler source on your workstation before assembling on the mainframe? Systems/ASM makes that possible!

Did you ever want to assemble your mainframe programs under your workstation's build environment? Imagine assembling HLASM programs under Microsoft's Visual Studio. Systems/ASM makes that possible!

In short, Systems/ASM takes your development to the "next level!"

Features of Systems/ASM include:

  • HLASM R6 compatible assembler and macro processor.

  • Support for modern architectures and the new HLASM mnemonics.

  • Message numbers match with HLASM's, supporting the same SUPRWARN options.

  • Support for EXEC CICS and EXEC DLI statements with a complete CICS preprocessor. The Systems/ASM CICS preprocessor is available on all Systems/ASM supported platforms.

  • Support for generating Linux/390 and z/Linux objects using traditional ASM syntax.

  • Available as a native assembler on CMS, OS/390, z/OS and USS, as well as a cross-assembler on Windows, AIX, HPUX, Linux, Linux/390, z/Linux, Solaris, Solaris/x86, Mac OS/X, Mac OS/X x86 and FreeBSD.

  • Supports additional features for integration into cross-platform build environments.

  • Full support for the complete z/Architecture instruction set, up to the very lastest ZSERIES6 instructions, including new instruction formats and data formats.
  • Support for generating Associated Data (ADATA) debugging information.

  • Generates ESD (OMF), XSD or GOFF style object decks recognized by the Systems/C pre-linker and IBM linker and/or the IBM binder; or ELF object decks for Linux/390 and z/Linux, including debugging information for Linux.

  • Automatic ASCII<->EBCDIC translation of the source; support for reading either ASCII or EBCDIC source and macros/COPY files.

  • "exits" that may be invoked when searching for macro/COPY files, and extensions to the replacement characters in a search specification.

  • Support for reading macro/COPY files from a ZIP archive.

  • Integrated support for reading PDSs and UNIX files on z/OS (under classic "batch" or under USS.)

    And - you can try it yourself! We've provided a web-based assembly mechanism to submit assembly source and see the output from the Systems/ASM assembler (DASM), along with the generated assembler listing.

    Don't settle for anything less, try Systems/ASM today!

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