Systems/ASM - Web Based Assembly

Using this web-based assembly page, you can enter ASM source code to assemble with the Systems/ASM assembler. After you submit this code, you will be presented with the source the assembler received, any error or warning messages the assembler produced, and the generated assembly listing.

The code you submit should be valid IBM assembler language code, unless you'd like to see examples of the assembler error and warning messages.

The standard OS/390 macros are not available to the web-based assembler, so you will see "undefined opcode" errors if your source uses them.

For example:

       USING MYNAME,15
       LA 1,PARMS
       L  15,=V(FUNC)
       BALR 14,15
       SVC 3
       DC  F'1'

If there are any errors in your source, there will be no generated assembly code, but you will see the error messages produced by the assembler and the listing.

You are limited to 200 lines of source code.

Simply type your assembler source in the area below, the e-mail field is optional, and press "Assemble it!" to try out the Systems/ASM assembler.

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If you'd like to learn more about Systems/ASM, visit the Systems/ASM description here.

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