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About Dignus, LLC

Customer Success Stories

These are a few of Dignus' customer success stories.

  • JME Software
    JME Software develops the first security software for both mainframe and enterprise systems.

  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission
    Australian Securities and Investments Commission uses Dignus tools to improve inter-application, XML and eBusiness connectivity.

  • PKWARE Inc
    PKWARE, Inc. chooses Dignus.

  • NEON Systems, Inc.
    NEON Systems, Inc. enhances its development environment using Dignus' tools.

  • Livestock Improvement Corporation
    Livestock Improvement Corporation uses Dignus tools to develop applications at a fraction of their previous cost.

  • Amadeus
    Amadeus Speeds Development using PC Workstations to Compile and Assemble with Leading-Edge Dignus tools.

  • SoftwareAG
    Software AG Develops Tamino using Linux on zSeries by Compiling with Systems/C from Dignus.

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